This Alvis Stormer high velocity missile tank is legal to drive on the road

Although the military vehicle is legal to drive on UK roads with an H licence, the missile launcher is no longer active according to the listing.

The current conflict in Ukraine puts some people on their guard. Suddenly there is a growing interest in military vehicles, some of which have changed the dynamics of modern warfare. For people interested in buying a tested military machine, someone is apparently sell this anti-aircraft missile launcher. This particular example is an Alvis Vickers Stormer High Velocity Missile (HVM) which is available from Collecting Cars.

A 12-ton missile launcher without an active missile

This Alvis Stormer is a 12 ton missile launcher with a Starstreak system and Lightweight Multirole Missile disabled. Built in 1993, this Stormer was used as a British Army ground vehicle. It served as a war reserve that could hit low-flying enemy attack aircraft. Its exterior tools and equipment are still original with the exception of a few elements such as a fire extinguisher, a recovery rope, recovery shackles and a large crowbar.

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Featuring welded aluminum construction and torsion bar suspension, the Stormer is fitted with a 6.0-liter turbocharged Perkins inline-six diesel engine, delivering a maximum power of 250 hp. Thanks to a David Brown TN15D transmission with seven forward and seven reverse gears, the Stormer can rotate 360 ​​degrees on its axis.

While the Alvis Stormer weighs around 12 tonnes, it can still reach 50mph top speed and around 400 miles of maximum range.

Re-sprayed and still in good condition

This Stormer recently received a full service, during which Midland Military Vehicles replaced its engine oil, filter, fuel and fuel filter. Midland Military Vehicles also rebuilt the right side fan and final drive. With no damage and repainted bodywork (with HMG Raincoat anti-corrosion finish), this Stormer has had its spare sprocket reconfigured, reducing its overall width by approximately 2.4 inches.

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According to the listing, both crawlers still have plenty of rubber with their wheels still in good condition. It also comes with two spare wheels. All three hydraulic seats show age-related wear, although there are no noticeable rips or tears. The listing indicates that some dashboard lights are already damaged. Some of its guidance system electronics are now removed for safety reasons (a deactivation certificate is on file).

Interestingly, this Alvis Stormer became road legal in 2012 and has been significantly upgraded for street use. In possession of this missile launcher for a year, the current owner has been driving it for a few months as a taxi-bar. The new owner will need to have an H license to drive the Stormer on the road in the UK.

Source: Collecting Cars

Chester T. Johnson