Westmoreland Seniors Spotlight: Ligonier Valley’s Haley Stormer


Monday, November 1, 2021 | 10:09

Haley Stormer

Ligonier Valley

The Ligonier Valley volleyball team just joined the WPIAL last year, and the Rams have made the playoffs and won one postseason game in the two seasons since.

This year, after clinching a playoff berth in the final days of the regular season, Ligonier Valley defeated Chartiers-Houston in a Class 2A preliminary round game before losing to top seed North Catholic in the first round. .

Coach Emily Daugherty and assistant coach Amber Tutino have led the team for three seasons and seem to have left a lasting impact on their players.

“(Daugherty and Tutino) coaching us was one of my fondest memories,” senior Haley Stormer said.

Stormer became an outside hitter this season, and she profited from that decision. She has seven college offers on the table.

“I’m trying to narrow my options right now,” Stormer said.

Now that the Rams season is over, Stormer took time out for a Senior Spotlight Q&A:

How did you start playing volleyball?

There were only a few sports offered in middle school, so I started playing in seventh grade since my sisters played for a year. It was just something to make friends with. Then, after the first day of mandatory, I really started to take off with the sport and I trained every day. I started playing club that year and I never stopped playing.

How stressful have these last games been?

Very stressful. We trained very hard and pushed ourselves to the limit. I think in our last game we just got shot every other game. We played so hard. We all played our hearts out on the pitch and no one gave up.

How do you think the season has gone for the team?

I think we really excelled and came together as a team towards the end. At the beginning, we were still trying to determine our positions because some people were displaced. We had a second-year setter (Saylor Clise) and she really had to fill our senior starting position last year. She had to adapt to the new position and the new players. I think everyone pitched in and did a good job.

How do you think you did personally?

I think I did pretty well. There (were) a lot of different things I had to do this year. Last year I was in a management position, but this year it was a bit different since I had to change positions for the school. I’ve always been a midfielder, and this year I had to play outside and at the back. It was just a small change, but I think I was really up to the challenge.

What is your greatest strength?

Finding the other team’s weakness on the pitch and really working with my team and leading my team to be the best they can be.

Is there an area where you think you can improve?

Really picking up more shot options with my swing. I feel like there are a lot of different shots I could hit, so I really want to work on expanding my options.

Do you practice other sports?

I’m doing athletic.

What sport do you like the most?

Volleyball. I just feel like there’s more of a team environment during volleyball and there’s a lot more separation during athletics. Pitchers are with pitchers and runners are with runners. I feel like volleyball, no matter what position you (play) you all have to play together as a team and really push each other to be the best.

What’s one thing people might not know about you?

I like animals very much. I love receiving new animals. I have lots of fish. I have a turtle, dogs and chickens. I really like being around animals.

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